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AP Studio Art 2D (2019/20) : Childhood Nostalgia
I just want to be a kid again. In my work, I take childhood memories and bring them back to life with digital illustration for a comic book-like image. It is my hope to represent the nostalgia that comes from experience with the remembrance of youth.
"Frozen Fun" won a Gold Key and "Suit Up" won a silver key at Scholastic Art and Writing Awards 2020. 
AP Studio Art Drawing (2020/21) : Attention Deficit Doodles
Virtual learning and attention deficit disorder do not belong together. In my work, I combine traditional analog drawing with digital illustration to present the random, intrusive thoughts that go through my head. My elaborate doodle process combines humor, sarcasm, and surrealism to address the ridiculous expectations of our virtual learning environment.
"Prehistoric Bullies" received an honorable mention at Scholastic Art and Writing Awards 2021. 
Concert Posters
(top) Greta Van Fleet feature for the concert at PNC Park in August 2022. I put Gardens Gate in the form of a Pittsburgh bridge.

(bottom, left) The Backseat Lovers poster utilizing pieces of their set design during their 2022 tour.

(bottom, right) The Dip imortalized in a Primanti's sandwich. Great show at Thunderbird Music Hall back in June 2022.
Masks On Music Up
What started as a sketch for class became one of my favorite recent digital pieces. Drawn on Procreate for iPad.
Broken Waters
A digital illustration drawn on Procreate for iPad meant to bring awareness to the harm we cause our environment when we litter.
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